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Tomato Plant Pruning

Using a tomato cage helps keep your plant upright and supports the branches. Keeping the plant supported as much as possible makes pruning easier and stops it from growing on the ground. Ground grown tomato plants become impenetrable and riddled with disease.

tomato cage

Get Bigger Tomatoes Using Tomato Cages

Tomato cages contain the plant's growth so it is manageable if you have a variety of tomato that grows bigger than others. You can pick up these handy contraptions at your local garden store and most hardware stores. You can also try your hand at making your own cages.

For climbing varieties plant the tomatoes along a fence or use trellis to help support the 5 to 8 foot tall branches!

How To Prune Tomato Plants

Knowing how, when and what to prune from your tomato plants came make a big difference in the quality of your tomatoes. Pruning increases the photosynthesis process and greatly decreases the chances of diseases. It can be a quick and easy process once you get in the habit.

Pick off the suckers. These are small shoots that grow from the joints of the leaves and the stem. These will take away sunlight and nutrients from the leaf branches that will produce the tomatoes. Cut away leaves strategically so sunlight can get pretty much all the leaves. Tomatoes love the sun!

Grow Larger Tomatoes

Keeping the tomatoes pruned also promotes good health. It allows the plant leaves to dry of faster after a rainfall or such which stops the spread of fungal diseases. Pruning also helps keep the soil at a moisture level that is not too wet for the tomatoes.

pruning tomatoes

Plants that are pruned well produce much larger healthier fruit than that of plants that have been poorly pruned or completely neglected. Pruning will promote larger fruit that produces quicker and continues to produce until the first frost. You will have so many tomatoes and you could have a great variety growing in your garden.

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